Delirium  - Lauren Oliver 2.5 StarsAlthough the last couple dozen pages where actually pretty entertaining, there were just too many points that bugged me with this book:- so, so, SO many plotholes and logical errors/inconsistencies that irritated me to no end- an overwrought, too verbose prose that was interesting at first but quickly became stale and managed to water down sentiments that otherwise might have been touching and meaningful; it also distracted greatly from the story as a whole and became nerve-grating to a point where I just wanted to skim. I like my atmospheric descriptions, but they have to contribute something to the plot. Here they were just pointless, while I would like to have them seen used to flesh out the world some more. As it stands, I don't buy it (see also my first point).- then, ironically, we have instances of mere telling, not showing -- where showing actually would have mattered- repetitive redundancies and reduntant repetitions, non-stop- too many scenes that did absolutely NOTHING for the plot, that lead NOWHERE and were utterly obsolete- that's not love, you hormonal sillies, you; that's called mutual infatuation and reciprocated feelings of attraction and -- to a lesser extent -- affection (you know each other for, what, a couple of weeks I can count on one hand?)- also, I'm not quite sure who you want to kid with that last paragraph, but you are not a strong, almost-invincible fighter and rebel, Lena. You could never have done anything without Hana, Grace, and Alex, your knight in shining armor- after not having been allowed a more condensed, more precise story, we are even left with a cliffhanger? I don't think these obvious marketing choices will be able to lure me into reading the next installments anytime soon.