Sins & Needles - Karina Halle 3.5 - 4 StarsThis was surprisingly less porny and more engaging and enjoyable than I would have anticipated, especially since I'm not that big of an enthusiast concerning tattoos and the related subculture to begin with (well, sue me! I guess the pictures of "Camden" you can see in some of the reviews here on GR helped to endear him to me :P).Starting out a little flat and predictable, this soon definitely proved to be a quick, fast-paced read with some interesting premises, a twisted (albeit not too convoluted) mafia plot with some road-trippy action scenes and some dark and flawed, but quite well-rounded characters with a backstory. Oh yeah, and there's some sexing going on but even if it hadn't been there, I wouldn't have minded either way. The scenes in questions might be a little defty for some people, but even though I tend to be more on the sensitive side, I didn't take offense.I would have loved to get to see more concretely some of the con jobs and scams Ellie managed to pull off in the past, but then again, I guess that definitely wasn't supposed to be the focuse of the plot. The flashbacks were nicely done and managed to explain the characters and their motivations as well as as the present situation sufficiently, and the writing overall was smooth and easy.I'm definitely curious to see where the plot is going and I guess I'll be soon picking up the prequel, as well as the sequel when it comes out.