Beauty Queens - Libba Bray This was just plain old bizarre but at times ridiculously funny, mean, and spot-on satire. It was great to see how all the girls came around to being their own, finding themselves and having their own distinct individual voices. Although some of their backgrounds seemed to draw a little too much from established stereotypes, I didn't mind so much as I regarded it as another means of satire.I loved the portrayal of female (romantic and platonic) relationships in a context without men as well as female-male relationships' dynamics. My inner feminist also enjoyed the constant stabs at modern society with its warped views on femininity and expectations of women and girls, not only through the reflections of the girls on themselves and other girls, but also through the creative use of footnotes and fictitious commercials as narrative means. The plot itself, while of the outrageously crazy, in-your-face nonsensical type (character-based book here!), just added to the story.I listened to the audiobook version read by the author herself who did great on the different voices and dialects. Sometimes her sharp pronunciation of some consonants (especiall s and t) was a little distressing, but this will be most likely only be me since I have quite sensible ears.I can safely say that this book provided a good couple of hours of light-hearted, over-the-top entertainment and while the ending could have been shortened a little, I neverthless enjoyed the package.